RestockPro Makes Restocking More Efficient


Time is scarce. Seller-tested RestockPro can reduce the time and effort it takes to complete numerous inventory-related tasks. It makes your restocking efforts more efficient by:

  1. Automatically sending out reorder alerts with suggested amounts
  2. Generating PO files with the click of the mouse
  3. Creating POs from inbound shipments (cross dock)
  4. Creating inbound shipment from a PO (direct ship)
  5. Retaining PO information to facilitate cross-dock receiving
  6. Capturing and organizing all inbound shipment plans
  7. Providing visibility into Amazon FBA inbound shipment receiving
  8. Allowing you to identify and track the status of FBA discrepancies


RestockPro Turns Data into Actionable Intelligence


Reordering can be tricky. Some variables are in your head; others are on multiple spreadsheets. RestockPro is a specialized FBA software tool that streamlines decision-making by:

  1. Collecting, organizing and displaying all inventory-related data in one place
  2. Proactively notifying you that an item may be going out of stock
  3. Sending you sales reports via e-mail with real-time sales intelligence
  4. Helping you determine how many of an item should be reordered
  5. Providing custom views of and filters on inventory information
  6. Helping you determine which are most the profitable items to reorder
  7. Allowing multiple users within your organization to access your data


RestockPro Simplifies Inventory Management


Managing inventory is one of your main tasks. Purpose-built FBA software can help you monitor, evaluate and replenish those assets. At the outset, RestockPro enables you to:

  1. Track sales velocity (over four time periods) and quantity on hand
  2. Monitor the number of competitive listings (including Amazon)
  3. Add supplier lead-time information to fine-tune reorder alert timing
  4. Assess inventory health in terms of reorder alerts, POs, etc.
  5. Add SKU cost information in order to calculate expected profits
  6. Track sales trends (over multiple time windows) and spot top-selling items
  7. Add supplier order minimums to facilitate creation of POs

RestockPro is a flexible, easy-to-use inventory management tool with powerful decision-support and automation functionality. If you are ready to accelerate your FBA business, try it for free, today. To learn more about eComEngine, click here.


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