Get to Know RestockPro

An Operational Dashboard to Manage Your Day-to-Day Amazon Business


Merchants rely on RestockPro’s powerful dashboard to track all inventory data, make stocking decisions, streamline FBA operations and much more. Our intuitive cloud-based platform saves FBA sellers time and helps increase profits. Ready to learn more? Here’s how RestockPro works.

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Know What to Order

FBA Forecasting & Inventory Management

The Restock Suggestions dashboard helps sellers determine what to order, how much of an item to stock and the best time to place the order. Products that need attention are flagged red if restocking is recommended or yellow if upcoming to help sellers prioritize their tasks with a single glance. The dashboard supports daily reordering decisions for merchants and automates this process to save time.

There are several priorities to consider when making restocking decisions. RestockPro makes is easy to identify the most profitable products and compare supplier performance and identify top vendors. The platform also tracks reorder levels against supplier target levels, incorporating details such as discounts, free shipping and more.


Manage FBA Purchase Orders

Streamline the Purchase Order Process

Purchase orders help merchants keep track of items ordered and received from suppliers in addition to product costs paid, but they can become unwieldy when dealing with multiple orders or many suppliers. RestockPro makes it easy to create flexible and easily customizable purchase orders to meet the needs of any business preparing shipments for the Amazon FBA warehouse. Purchase orders can even be synchronized with an external system, as RestockPro has the capability to import or export these reports as needed.

Stay Focused on Profits

Complete Management Automation

An estimated margin is calculated for every product stocked. The Estimated Margin Calculator examines every aspect of an item’s fees, including Amazon storage fees and FBA fees as well as the seller’s costs and other fees.

RestockPro significantly automates the management of products, orders, shipments and kits. This gives sellers the time they need to focus on strategy and business growth. RestockPro can also help merchants discover hidden areas for improvement, such as underperforming SKUs.


Bundle Up!

Try Kitting For Maximum Profits

RestockPro helps merchants identify products that could benefit from being sold in custom kits or multipacks. The Kit Optimizer finds the best mix of kits to build based on products that are available, expected demand and seller goals. Creating kits provides a unique ASIN, which helps merchants own the Buy Box for their items and decrease competition as well as price sensitivity.

Plan Shipments With Ease

Track Local Inventory And More

Create individual or case pack shipments using the Shipment Wizard, which allows users to plan shipments and view shipment preparation steps and sticker requirements for each item before finalizing the shipment through RestockPro or the Seller Central dashboard. Merchants can also upload box contents, print stickers and print labels directly from RestockPro. Track local inventory and unreceived quantities to easily prioritize any issues that require research.


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