Stickers & Labels

Accurate shipment prep is essential for Amazon merchants. It’s important for everyone involved in the shipping and receiving process to understand what is in the shipment. This communication is easier than ever with RestockPro, which allows you to print Amazon-compliant labels and stickers with ease.

Simplify Shipment Prep with Stickers

Flexible Options, Including 2 Extra Lines Per Sticker

Stickering your products in order to comply with Amazon’s guidelines is easy with RestockPro. Simply select the print sticker option to see a preview of your stickers. Line items that are required by Amazon are pre-populated to help you stay compliant. You can add two additional line items to make your stickers more descriptive, such as SKU, ASIN, UPC, EAN, Supplier SKU or custom text such as your store name. The fields that print as a standard will keep your products Amazon-compliant, but RestockPro also lets you include other product identifiers to make the sticker useful for you in managing the inventory locally.

Box Content Information Management

Provide Accurate Details with RestockPro

As an Amazon seller, your inventory is constantly on the move. Keeping track of what’s in your Local Avoid fees and inventory delays by making sure that the box content information provided with your shipment is accurate. RestockPro makes it simple to provide product quantities and expiration dates for each box in a shipment. The entire shipment process can be completed without ever leaving RestockPro, as sellers can either send the box contents or specify that they will be provided with 2D barcodes on the boxes. This works especially well for suppliers who drop ship items with 2D barcode box content labels.

Customize Labels and Stickers

Sticker Formats for Your Unique Needs

RestockPro offers a number of customization options to help you create the sticker and labels needed for your shipments. Whether you need 30-up labels or individual custom-size stickers, RestockPro offers the flexibility to print the labels and stickers that meet specifications for Amazon as well as your products.

To summarize, RestockPro allows you to create customized stickers and labels to take the guesswork out of shipment prep. You can include additional information, print specially sized labels and more. RestockPro streamlines the stickering and labeling process, allowing you to spend more time on more profitable tasks.

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