Build the right shipments, pack them for success and be sure they arrive. RestockPro simplifies the entire process.

Optimize Your Shipments

Send the right shipments with ease

Use RestockPro’s tools for customized, timely suggestions on what needs to be shipped into an Amazon FBA warehouse. The Shipment Wizard lets you create individual or case pack shipments with ease. Plan your shipment and finalize it when the timing is right and the fulfillment center plan makes sense. View the prep and sticker requirements for each product as you go. Let RestockPro finalize the shipment for you, or create the shipping plan file and finalize it yourself on the Seller Central dashboard. Your shipments – your way!

Keep Tabs on Your Moving Inventory

Local Inventory tracking built in

As an Amazon seller, your inventory is constantly on the move. Keeping track of what’s in your Local Inventory can be a challenge. As you build or modify shipments in RestockPro, your Local Inventory is automatically tracked. Items are removed as they are added to a shipment and returned if the shipment is modified. RestockPro keeps it all in sync.

Send Your Shipment with Confidence

Upload box contents, print stickers & labels

When it comes to sending in shipments, proper preparation increases the likelihood of timely and accurate receival. RestockPro allows users to print item stickers in a variety of formats, upload box contents and expiration dates and print shipment labels for carriers. Even print a packing list to tuck in the box!

Identify Receiving Discrepancies

Follow through on your shipments

Even with the best preparation, mistakes happen. Keep track of unreceived quantities and prioritize any discrepancies you need to research. Use notes and tags to keep it all under control and communicate with buyers and warehouse teams. RestockPro helps you track down and manage refunds for anything that went missing.

To summarize, RestockPro makes all aspects of shipping easy. From choosing the right products, to creating shipments, to packing and labeling for expedient processing by the Amazon fulfillment team, and tracking receipts… RestockPro saves you time and helps you be efficient!

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