Purchase Order Management for FBA Sellers


RestockPro uses purchase orders to keep track of items you’ve ordered and received from your suppliers – as well as your costs. See how our RestockPro platform streamlines PO management for Amazon FBA sellers.

Build Your Orders with Ease

Point and click PO

Use our intuitive “Restock Suggestions” view to create your POs. Optimize your orders to ensure you are meeting your supplier target order levels. If you use an external system for generating POs, that is fine, too. RestockPro can import or export, so you don’t have to do any extra work!

Customize the Look of Your POs

Flexible columns, notes and more

If you like, RestockPro can create the PO for forwarding to your supplier. The PO format is flexible, allowing you to customize the visible columns, specify payment terms and even add customized notes for each supplier. The PO tracks the items you’ve ordered and received, costs, discounts, shipping fees and more.

Support for Multiple Restocking Models

Supply chain advice supports your replenishment mode

Whether you use direct shipping, cross docking, your own local warehouse supply or even a combination of all three, RestockPro guides you through the entire replenishment lifecycle. It keeps track of what’s on order, what has been received, the quantity you are prepping at your cross dock and stock levels in your own warehouse.

Track Costs, Items Received & On Order

Eliminate tedious tracking

If you are dealing with more than a couple vendors, you know it can be hard to keep track of what you’ve ordered, what’s on backorder and what’s already been received. No need to keep a stack of spreadsheets because RestockPro’s Orders page summarizes all of that. The tags and notes are great for shared communication and tracking purposes. RestockPro also keeps track of your purchase order prices so that your average cost may be factored into your margin.

To summarize, RestockPro simplifies all aspects of purchase order management. From building purchase orders to integrating with your existing workflows, our tool was built with the FBA merchant in mind. RestockPro streamlines the administrative aspects of running your business, so you can focus on more important matters!

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