Affordable Plans for Every FBA Merchant

(No hidden costs. No charges based on a percent of sales.)


  • 1,000 Orders/Month
  • Access for One User
  • Email/Chat/Phone Support
  • 2 Free Months if Paid Annually


  • 2,500 Orders/Month
  • Up to Three Users
  • Email/Chat/Phone Support
  • 2 Free Months if Paid Annually


  • 20,000 Orders/Month
  • Up to Ten Users
  • Email/Chat/Phone Support
  • 2 Free Months if Paid Annually

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Your Restock Suggestions dashboard guides daily reordering decisions by providing you with the information you need when you need it. Our forecast helps you focus on your most profitable items and factors in existing orders and shipments, ensuring you don’t double order or lose track of existing inventory.



By building kits, you can offer customized bundles of goods that you sell. RestockPro’s Kitting Optimizer helps you choose the best assortment of kits to build based on the items you have in your inventory. Own the Buy Box more often by delivering value-added bundles to your customers!



Optimize your shipments with the tools available in RestockPro. Print stickers and shipping labels, plan shipments, view prep and sticker requirements, upload box contents, and track inventory received at Amazon in one streamlined location.


Profit Management

Increase the profitability of your FBA inventory by tracking margins and reducing hidden supply chain costs. RestockPro tracks your performance metrics and provides you with detailed reports designed to help you reduce risks, improve profitability and identify stale or under performing inventory for your business.


Purchase Orders

Build purchase orders to keep track of your costs in addition to items that you’ve ordered and received from suppliers. Track all of your suppliers, customize purchase orders, and keep tabs on all of the inventory moving through your supply chain.

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