Beat the Competition with Kits

Success with the Amazon FBA platform depends on your ability to win the buy box and maximize your profit margins. Kitting is a great strategy to achieving these goals. Kit building allows you to offer your own customized bundles of goods that only you sell. This means that you own 100% of the buy box. Because your prices are not subject to competitive comparison, you have greater leeway in setting the right price to maximize your profit. But, choosing the right kits to build and keeping track of parts is no easy inventory management task. That is, unless you have RestockPro to help.

Build Kits in a Few Clicks

Identify the right kits

Trust RestockPro to quickly review your selling trends and competitive situation to identify the products that would benefit from being sold in multipacks or custom bundles. Define the kit with the quantities that compose it. You can set up a kit as a multipack of a single product or a set of different products.

Reordering Kits is a Breeze

Order the right parts without thinking.

RestockPro ensures that when you order a kit that all the right parts get ordered. As soon as you add a kit to a PO, all of the associated parts will automatically be ordered. Track the parts received and build them into a kit right inside your online Local Warehouse for shipment in FBA facilities.

Optimize Your Kits Just in Time

Ship the right kits to maximize your profit.

Market demand and expected profitability can change very quickly on the Amazon marketplace. It’s important that you react quickly. Use RestockPro’s Kit Optimizer to determine the best mix of kits to build based on the parts you have available, the expected demand and your own profitability goals.

“RestockPro has made my life tremendously easier. Many of the items our customers want are difficult to make money on if sold as individual units. However, RestockPro helps us identify kit opportunities and also forecasts the fee structures associated with bundling. This has helped us deliver greater value to the market and our own bottom line.”
– Hitesh Mehta, Titan Rig