FBA Forecasting

Quite simply, you need to know what to order, how much and when. That’s the whole idea behind Restock Suggestions – the heart of RestockPro that guides your daily reordering decisions and automates the whole process!

Visualize Your FBA Inventory

Suggestions delivered daily

Restock Suggestions flags your most urgent restocks in red and upcoming alerts in yellow. For each flagged item you see the suggested ship quantity and the recommended reorder amount. Sales history, competitive offers, margins, rank and more… all the data is in one place to support your restocking decisions.

Focus on Your Top Suppliers

Cost, lead time, supplier settings

Working closely with a few suppliers will help you negotiate better pricing and predictable service levels. RestockPro lets you easily compare supplier performance to identify your top vendors. It also allows you to track your reorder levels against the supplier target levels that qualify you for discounts or free shipping incentives.

Anticipate Demand

Forecast with confidence

Knowing the right amount to send in can be tricky. If you don’t send enough, you may go out of stock and lose out on sales. Send in too much, and you’ll likely incur storage fees. Predicting your demand requires an understanding of past sales, lost sales due to out of stocks, the lead times of your suppliers, and more. Luckily, RestockPro crunches all the numbers so you have the right information to make an informed decision.

Keep Your Whole Supply Chain in Mind

Ensure existing orders, shipments and warehouse inventory are factored

If you’ve ever double ordered, you know the importance of tracking existing orders when you are creating new ones. RestockPro keeps an eye on your local inventory, ensuring you ship what you have before ordering more. It also factors the items you’ve already ordered and shipped into your forecast. Click the calculator view to see all of the factors that play into creating the restock suggestion for each product!

To summarize, RestockPro simplifies the often-difficult activity of building FBA forecasts. No more guessing or spreadsheet burn out. RestockPro does all the number crunching on your behalf, freeing up more of your time to grow your business.

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