Frequently Asked Questions



What is RestockPro?

RestockPro is a cloud-based analytics and automation tool from eComEngine, LLC that can take your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business to the next level. By capturing and analyzing data from various sources, it provides powerful strategic insights into your FBA business and recommends how to improve it. It also helps you execute on your plans, by automating many of the tedious processes needed to keep your FBA engine running at top performance.

What channels does RestockPro support? Is it for Amazon FBA sellers only, or does it support merchant fulfilled SKUs?

RestockPro is optimized for Amazon FBA sellers.

Do you have any special support for kits, bundles or multipacks?

Yes, we do. Kits (and bundles or multipacks) can be an important strategy for building and maintaining a profitable FBA business. But developing, managing and optimizing kits can be very complex to do right. RestockPro helps in a number of ways. Analytic capabilities help identify profitable kitting opportunities you might otherwise have missed. Managing kit reorders is a breeze. RestockPro tracks demand and profitability on your kits and translates that into the exact part-order quantities that are needed. Finally, all levels of RestockPro come with our exclusive Kit Optimizer technology. As parts are received, you can reassess market conditions and profitability expectations, and quickly reassign parts to the most profitable kit opportunities.

Does RestockPro only work for US (.com) stores, or does it support International marketplaces?

RestockPro currently supports US (.com), UK ( and Canadian (.ca) stores. Additional marketplaces will be considered and supported based on customer demand.

How does RestockPro supplement the inventory tools offered on the Seller Central dashboard?

The Amazon Seller Central dashboard provides a lot of information about your FBA listings and sales, but if you want to be profitable, you need to combine it with additional outside information such as suppliers, costs, lead times and stock levels. Doing so enables the strategic perspective and advanced toolset needed to optimize your FBA business.

Getting Started

I just finished signing up for RestockPro. How will I know when it’s ready to go?

Watch your inbox! We will send you an email as soon as your account is ready. Please be patient as synchronizing all of your Amazon data can take up to 24 hours, depending on how many orders you have.

I started the process of signing up for RestockPro but never finished it. How do I resume?

Try again! Start the process again using the same login email address. RestockPro will guide you to complete your registration.

I do not wish to provide my MWS credentials. Do you offer the option for me to grant access to my store to your credentials?

Yes, absolutely. Please email [email protected] and we will send you instructions on how to grant access to our MWS credentials.

My account expired, but now I’d like to give RestockPro another try. Is it possible to reactivate, or do I need to start over?

Typically you can reactivate your old store. Please email [email protected] to have your account reactivated. We’ve saved your setup and product data, so restarting is easy!

I received the email that my account is provisioned. What next?

We always suggest logging on and taking a look around. Check out your products on the Restock Suggestions page. Watch our quick start and orientation videos. Take a test drive by adding a supplier and creating a small test order. Need help? Don’t hesitate to email [email protected].

Billing, Plans and Users

For the RestockPro plan levels - what does order volume refer to? Why is it based on FBA orders and not RestockPro orders?

Order volume refers to your monthly FBA order volume on the Amazon marketplace. This correlates well to the volume of data that RestockPro is crunching for you, and therefore is the basis of our plans.

What happens if you exceed your plan level? How do upgrades and downgrades work?

It’s great that your FBA business is growing! You will be notified through email and on the Dashboard when you are nearing your plan limit. It is best to go ahead and upgrade at that time to ensure that you do not lose access to RestockPro until your next billing cycle. Upgrades are charged on a prorated basis.

What is the advantage of annual plan?

The annual plan must be prepaid and gives you 2 free months.

My orders are near the top of the plan levels that I see. What is the next option?

We have several enterprise plans for our larger customers. Please contact [email protected] for further details.

How many users can I set up for my RestockPro store, and are there different levels of security access?

We have a variety of plans which include differing numbers of user logins. Please view our pricing plans here.

How can I be sure that my data is secure?

We can assure you the data security is a top priority for eComEngine. We have a proven track record for security and have been providing solutions for Amazon sellers for over 10 years.

How do I change my email address?

Please send a message to [email protected] with the old and the new email address. We’ll get that updated for you.

Can I manage multiple stores with a single login email address?

Yes, you can. Click the down arrow beside your store name in the RestockPro header bar. You will see a list of all the stores that you are set-up to access. If you don’t see your store, it may be because each store is set-up for a different email address. Please send a message to [email protected] with the old and the new email address. We’ll get that updated for you!


I don’t always like the shipment split I get amongst fulfillment centers. Would I be better off using Seller Central to create shipments?

RestockPro will show a preview of your shipping plan that we get by calling the API from, Inc. (“Amazon”). You may always compare the results by using the “Download shipping plan file” option while creating your shipment in RestockPro. Upload this file and walk it through the Seller Central shipment workflow to compare. Either way, RestockPro will account for any changes in Local Inventory and track the shipment for you.

I typically create my shipments directly in Seller Central or using a different tool. Will RestockPro still be able to track these? Will they be counted as inventory when computing the suggested restock quantity?

Yes! RestockPro synchronizes your Amazon Shipping Queue frequently throughout the day, tracking sent vs. received quantities. This quantity appears as the Inbound quantity, and is included as current inventory when calculating the recommended restock quantity.

What do the different label options mean in RestockPro?

Seller label is generally the correct choice. If you are enrolled in the label service offered by Amazon, choose that option.

Can RestockPro create shipping plans and shipments, or just shipments?

Either one! The choice is up to you. Use RestockPro’s Create FBA Shipment to begin the process, and you will have the option to build the shipment from RestockPro or download the shipping plan file for upload to Amazon. Either way, RestockPro will account for any changes in Local Inventory and track the shipment for you.

Amazon Imports

What information does RestockPro gather from Amazon, and how frequently is it updated?

RestockPro gathers your inventory information and many other metrics to help you evaluate and restock the most profitable SKUs. It gathers your SKU, ASIN, FNSKU, product name, seller rank, buy box price, competitive offers, product category, Amazon fees… and much more. All of this information is synchronized frequently throughout the day (generally every 2-4 hours) so your restock orders are always based on the latest figures.

How much history is imported when I start with RestockPro?

When you sign up for RestockPro, it imports your active listings with 6 months of sales history.

Which products are imported into RestockPro? What if I have archived an item in the Seller Central dashboard? Can I limit which products are imported?

All of your active products are gathered from your Amazon seller account. Any products that you do not wish to be included on your list of Restock Suggestions may be marked Inactive. They will remain in the system and may be reactivated at any time.

How does RestockPro identify my products? Does it use SKU, ASIN, or another identifier?

RestockPro uniquely identifies your products by SKU. We also gather the ASIN and FNSKU from Amazon. The UPC and EAN may be entered on the products page or by CSV upload. RestockPro is generally searchable by any of these product identifiers.

What if I have multiple SKUs on the same ASIN?

RestockPro generally uses the SKU to uniquely identify and restock a product. Multiple SKUs on the same ASIN will be treated as multiple products.

Can I see the Amazon fees and commissions in RestockPro?

Yes, RestockPro calculates your Amazon commission and fees based on the rules set forth by the company and displayed in your Seller Central dashboard. They may be viewed from Restock Suggestions as the Commission and FBA Fees.

When I list a new product on the Amazon marketplace, it does not show up right away in RestockPro. What is the fastest way to order and/or ship newly listed products with RestockPro?

When you list a new product on the Amazon marketplace, it can take time for Amazon to include that product on all of the reports that we import for you. In order to quickly stock a new listing, simply enter its basic information and identifiers into RestockPro. You can then immediately stock the product by creating an order or shipment with it. All of the Amazon data will be synchronized within a few hours. Be sure to include the SKU, ASIN, FNSKU to successfully print stickers and create a shipment.


I use other tools to manage my inventory and accounting. Do I still own the data in RestockPro? Can I export my data?

Most everything in RestockPro may be downloaded or uploaded using a CSV file. Purchase orders may be downloaded from the Order Details page, or uploaded from Restock Suggestions. Shipments, the Orders List, Reports and more are available for export. See the CSV button for each page or the small menu in the upper right corner of most grids.

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