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Learn how to manage your FBA inventory more effectively, anticipate demand, build better purchase orders and more with RestockPro.

RestockPro Overview

Ready to streamline your FBA inventory management and restocking process? Searching for a smarter way to manage shipments? Wondering what to do with leftover stock?

Take an in-depth look at each of our features to see how RestockPro can help you manage your FBA inventory more effectively. From creating purchase orders to managing cross dock shipments, RestockPro is designed to streamline your business. Get alerted when products are running low, build better supplier relationships and more. Watch the video at the right to see how it works.

RestockPro can solve all of these common seller issues and more. Check out these videos to learn how to get the most out of RestockPro’s intuitive features such as the Restock Suggestions dashboard, Shipping Wizard and Kitting Optimizer.


Upload box contents, create stickers, specify prep and manage shipping orders with ease. RestockPro’s Shipping Wizard guides users through the process of creating shipments, then syncs with Seller Central to ensure that all items are accounted for and arrive at the correct Amazon warehouse.

Inventory Forecasting

The Restock Suggestions dashboard provides the data merchants need to make smart restocking decisions based on inventory forecasting. Identify top vendors, compare seller performance, note when your order volume qualifies you for shipping discounts and more.

Purchase Orders

Create flexible purchase orders to order new items from your suppliers. Track the POs to ensure the ordered items arrive.

Profit Management

Stay focused on the most profitable products with RestockPro’s Estimated Margin Calculator, which automatically examines all item fees, including Amazon storage and FBA fees and shipping costs.


Manage the ordering process for multipacks and custom bundles that you offer. Ensure you order the right pieces to build these items. RestockPro’s Kit Optimizer shows merchants the best mix of kits to build based on expected demand, seller goals and current inventory.

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