As a longtime book collector, Melinda found that her collection was starting to get out of hand. Liz Fickenscher and I recently had the chance to talk to Melinda about her experiences as an Amazon seller and how she uses RestockPro for inventory management. Read on to learn more about her story.

The Story Begins

Once upon a time, a savvy bibliophile named Melinda decided to try to sell some of her first edition books on the Amazon marketplace. When that took off, she expanded to start selling more items beyond books. As her business continued to grow, she began selling wholesale. She now specializes in a few categories.

As Melinda’s online business expanded, she moved her operations to a warehouse. Although she ships some of her products directly to the Amazon fulfillment centers for the FBA program, she has most items shipped directly to her local warehouse and fulfills orders from there. Since she only sells her items on, shipping from her warehouse is manageable for the merchant fulfilled portion of her business.

More SKUs, More Problems?

When Melinda got started as an Amazon merchant, she managed her inventory manually. At that time, her process involved logging in to her Seller Central account to see which items were out of stock. Then she would reorder those items and repeat the process.

As her business grew, her workflows became more sophisticated and she realized that she needed an inventory management tool like RestockPro. “I started selling a lot of small and varied products such as DVDs, stationary and needle arts items. My inventory levels and the number of SKUs I had skyrocketed, and I couldn’t keep track,” she said.

Managing FBA and Local Inventory

Melinda uses RestockPro to help her manage her local warehouse inventory as well as the items she has shipped to FBA. “I was trying to manage it all myself by hand, which worked fine when I had a couple hundred SKUs, but I’ve got so many now that it doesn’t work,” she said. RestockPro keeps track of each of her SKUs so she can quickly get the details she needs to make an informed restocking decision.

“I create the FBA shipments in RestockPro,” Melinda said. Her Restock Suggestions dashboard shows her what item quantities to consider sending to FBA, taking the guesswork out of the restocking process.

The Story Continues

As Melinda’s Amazon store continues to grow, RestockPro enables her to keep track of all of the moving parts of her business. Are you ready to start your own story with RestockPro? Sign up for a 21-day free trial today!

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