It’s not easy being an Amazon merchant.

To stay ahead of competitors, you find yourself juggling dozens of POs, inbound orders and FBA shipments. And, without the right tools, things can quickly spiral out of control. That’s especially true this time of the year!

With so many moving parts, you need an easy way to visualize the comings and goings.

In this post, we’ll discuss how our RestockPro tool can simplify your Amazon supply chain workflow. In particular, we’ll look at some awesome features that model your inventory in a graphically intuitive way.

Get the Big Picture

Pause for a moment and think about your top-selling SKU. How often do you find yourself restocking it? Depending on the item’s sales velocity and your internal restock rules, you might be issuing weekly purchase orders to suppliers. That’s a good problem to have, but it’s nonetheless still a challenge.

You’ve tried using spreadsheets in tandem with the native FBA restocking tool in your Seller Central account. That works OK for lower-volume ASINs, but your best-selling item is just too overwhelming. Each time you update your spreadsheet, you feel as though it’s immediately outdated. Sometimes you even forget to update your spreadsheet, defeating the entire purpose of inventory tracking.

If you’re at wits’ end with spreadsheets, you might like our RestockPro inventory management software. RestockPro connects to your Amazon account (using the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API), providing a 360-degree view of your restocking activity. In addition to automating the restocking and shipment preparation processes, RestockPro keeps watch over where your moving inventory is. With a few clicks, you can instantly visualize how much stock is:

  • Currently on hand (and fulfillable) at Amazon warehouses
  • On its way to Amazon from your local warehouse
  • On its way to Amazon from your direct ship suppliers
  • On its way to your warehouse from suppliers

Not only is this information readily available in RestockPro, but it’s also presented in a highly intuitive format. With a single click, RestockPro will convert your SKU-specific inventory data into an innovative supply chain map. Now, you can easily see which units are where.

Get More Answers

Remember the time you forgot to submit that important vendor PO in November – only to realize what had happened well after Cyber Monday? That turned out to be a very costly mistake!

By keeping an eye on your top SKU’s supply chain, you’re much less likely to make costly logistical oversights. How? Well, for starters, RestockPro organizes all of your most pressing inventory priorities into an action-oriented day plan. Our software gently reminds you to take action when you need to, reducing the chances that you’ll forget (or issue a duplicate order).

You can track supplier purchase orders without ever leaving RestockPro. This makes it easier to see what has already been ordered, received and is on backorder.

And, in the unlikely event that something does get stuck, RestockPro gives you the information necessary to diagnose the situation. For example, our inbound analyzer feature allows you to quickly drill down and analyze the status of all your open Amazon shipments. Jump between different shipments simply by clicking the hyperlinks. Review the purchase order to provide evidence of ordered quantities in the event of a dispute.

With RestockPro, you’re able to make more confident inventory decisions. You’ll probably stop second guessing yourself so much, too!

Get Clarity from Your Supply Chain

It’s time you gave your Amazon supply chain an additional competitive advantage. Sign up for a risk-free trial of RestockPro. Connect to your Amazon seller account, set your restocking assumptions, import your suppliers and put the power of supply chain automation to good use.

Try RestockPro today.

Colleen Quattlebaum

As the Business Development Manager for eComEngine, Colleen Quattlebaum is committed to helping Amazon Sellers succeed. Colleen reviews the latest market trends and strategizes on how to improve eComEngine’s offerings, so she can pass that insight and value on to Amazon merchants.

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.