There’s no question that the Amazon marketplace helps merchants to generate sales volume. But as a Fulfillment by Amazon seller, how can you quantify the profits you have made from that volume?

To properly answer this question, you need to have SKU-level visibility. It’s important to regularly review the actual profit you’ve made on each product.

RestockPro, an eComEngine tool built specifically for use by FBA sellers, can provide valuable insight into the profitability of the items you offer based on sales and costs (Purchase Orders). Here’s how this feature works.

Instant Profitability Reports by SKU

You can quickly access your SKU Profitability Report to see how your FBA products are performing and get an estimate of the profit you realized for a particular date range. This report shows SKU sales, margin, cost (calculated by your current supplier cost or the average cost of POs, depending on your calculation settings) and profit for a selected date range. Included in the report is an option to see your results from the past week, the past year, or any custom time period since you began using RestockPro.

It’s easy to customize the SKU Profitability Report. You can choose to show all your SKUs or only SKUs with sales, and you can choose to show only FBA items or all sales made on other channels and fulfilled by, Inc.


Additionally, on the upper right hand corner of the report, you can choose which columns you want to populate your report. Check or uncheck any of the following to customize your report:

  • Product name
  • Supplier
  • Category
  • QOH (quantity on hand)
  • Cost value
  • Listing price
  • Units sold
  • Average sales price
  • Total sales
  • EM (estimated margin)
  • EM %
  • Estimated fees
  • Other costs
  • Total profit


The longer you use RestockPro to manage your FBA inventory, the more valuable it becomes, thanks to the data and metrics you can access. Having the ability to instantly find out how products have been performing in your online store is a critical tool that can help improve your overall business profitability. RestockPro can also help you make smart sales forecasting decisions.

Drill Down Into Purchase Order History

For even more information, you can drill down by expanding each SKU to reveal the item’s Purchase Order (PO) history. This includes the purchase date, supplier, cost, discount, shipping, extended cost, units, and other important details about your purchase. This feature helps you gauge your PO performance, or the trend in the costs you are paying for the goods you sell.

The profit shown is calculated by looking at your total sales, subtracting your product cost, your fees and commissions. The product cost may be set to use the currently posted supplier cost or an average cost based on your purchase history.

Continuously Optimize Your Criteria

RestockPro’s profit reports are based on specific criteria and rules. As a RestockPro user, you’re in charge. You can modify and drill down within the reports to find the information you need. These reports allow you to actively manage your eCommerce business.

Quantify Your SKU Profitability Today

Ready to gain greater visibility into the profitability of your FBA inventory? Give RestockPro a try today and let our tool do the number crunching for you. Sign up today.


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Joanna Lupo

Joanna Lupo is the Customer Support Supervisor for eComEngine. Each day, she helps Amazon merchants get more done by leveraging the power of cloud-based software applications.

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.