We had the opportunity to speak with many sellers at the 2017 PROSPER Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Phoenix Treasure Box team recorded a video about how much they love RestockPro, which you can view below!

Many sellers struggle with inventory management and forecasting as their Amazon stores grow. This is especially true when multiple shipments from different suppliers are added into the equation. For the mother-son team behind Phoenix Treasure Box, RestockPro has been a total game changer when it comes to managing all of the moving parts of the business.

Inventory Management, Simplified

Daneen and Alex teamed up to create their online business ten years ago, but they didn’t find RestockPro until two years ago. “Beforehand, we didn’t have anything that would help us actually keep control of our inventory flow,” said Alex. “We would sit there and actually buy way too many products or way too little, not knowing if we were getting the right sales velocity going or not.”

Since the duo began using RestockPro for inventory management, much of the guesswork has been taken out of the process. Although Daneen and Alex were experienced sellers by the time they discovered the tool, they found that keeping track of what was where and when the next shipment needed to arrive could be a tedious task. “With RestockPro, we were able to determine what to reorder from our wholesalers as well as what items and how many items to send into FBA,” Daneen said.

Restocking Suggestions

One of Alex’s favorite features is the red and yellow flags in the RestockPro restocking dashboard. If an item is about to go out of stock, the red notification flag appears. The yellow flag arrives when product’s stock is starting to get low as a reminder to consider reordering. Alex also appreciates RestockPro’s forecasting feature, which helps the mother-son team make restocking decisions at the right moment.

“We use them (RestockPro) for every single aspect of our business. We use it for purchase orders to our suppliers, we use it for FBA shipments going in. You literally do not have to leave RestockPro from the beginning of a shipment all the way to the end when you’re actually printing out labels. They’re there 100% of the way, making it stupidly easy,” Alex said.

Customer Experience

Finding a software solution that fits business needs can be challenging. “We’ve evaluated over 125 software products over the past three years. This software by far has been the best, with great price points, too. And the most phenomenal customer support you will ever find,” Daneen said.

Alex agreed. “We’ve been with them for two years straight now, and we promote them for no other reason than that they are the best of the best at what they do,” he said.

We’re Blushing!

It’s always rewarding to hear from merchants who find our tool helpful, especially when they are long-time fans like the folks at Phoenix Treasure Box. If you haven’t already tried RestockPro, what are you waiting for? Claim your 21-day free trial here.

Joanna Lupo

Joanna Lupo is the Customer Support Supervisor for eComEngine. Each day, she helps Amazon merchants get more done by leveraging the power of cloud-based software applications.