A few years ago, Rich thought he was ready to start winding down his professional career. He took an eBay class, listed a few items and soon found himself selling used books on the Amazon marketplace. At one time he had more than 1,000 books listed on the site.

At the same time, Rich was experimenting with reselling some items from the company he had been working for. He got more and more into wholesale, making connections with a few companies. And then, he said, “Things just exploded. Now I work more hours than I ever worked!”

From Slot Machines to Industrial Products

Rich’s career involved merchandising, purchasing and marketing for a company that sold parts and supplies to the amusement, vending and gaming industries. He worked a lot with selling parts for arcade games, slot machines and vending machines, so selling industrial parts on the Amazon marketplace was a natural fit.

As he said, “I did a lot of work with catalogs, suppliers and merchandising, so this is actually pretty similar to what I was doing before.” The difference is that now he’s in charge of keeping track of every aspect of his business alone. At his old company, he found himself regularly meeting with the IT department to go over the restocking formula to ensure that parts remained in stock. RestockPro offers similar functionality with much less manual effort, saving time and making it easier to keep track of items and shipments.

“I’m familiar with a lot of purchasing programs and restocking. When I came across yours [RestockPro], I thought it was fantastic that somebody created something for online sellers,” Rich said. “At the time I didn’t know if I could afford your program, but it’s definitely well worth it.”

Easier Restocking

Restock Suggestions is Rich’s favorite RestockPro feature. “I’m able to easily create POs fairly quickly by looking at my sales and what my 30, 60, 90 day movement has been, and at the same time I can see what’s inbound and what’s in process. I used to do it with an Amazon report and I used to have to estimate my 30 day usage, but I never knew what was inbound or in process, so it got me in trouble a few times and I ended up with a lot of overstock. So, this is a great timesaver and the way it creates POs is very awesome,” he said.

Rich is also a big fan of the stickers feature in RestockPro. The ability to customize his stickers and labels and leave spaces between stickers for easy separation as needed saves him time as he processes and preps his shipments.

Managing Inventory

Due to the nature of his inventory, Rich receives everything in his own warehouse and does not ship in big case quantities. He works with all sorts of small parts and prefers to manage them himself to ensure that items don’t get mixed up.

RestockPro makes managing inventory much simpler for Rich. “Tomorrow I’ll get a big shipment from my biggest supplier, and I’ll get 6-8 cases of stuff…so I’ve got to receive all that, and then I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to get it to Amazon. Once it all goes into local inventory, I download and print out a report and then I figure out what’s easier to ship by a full case,” he said.

Save Time with RestockPro

RestockPro is designed to make managing inventory, purchase orders and shipments easier for busy sellers like Rich…and you! Test drive these powerful features by claiming your 21-day free trial today!

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