There are many ways in which RestockPro can be used to accelerate and manage your FBA business. We recently spoke to Abe, an Amazon merchant with more than a decade of experience, about how he uses the tool to save time and money by more efficiently managing his inventory and anticipating his company’s needs. Being unable to fill orders due to a lack of inventory is problematic but, as Abe revealed, having too much can be just as challenging.

Evolving Business

In the eleven years since Abe began selling camera accessories on the Amazon marketplace, things have changed dramatically. While he once relied solely on a traditional website, over time he made the leap to selling on the Amazon and eBay marketplaces.

In the early days, Abe relied on MFN and handled shipping himself but, gradually, sales began to decline and he realized that more and more sellers were using the FBA program. “People want stuff right away,” he explained. “They don’t want to wait a week anymore. [They want to] order their merchandise and get it in two days.”

Restocking Redefined

As, Inc. (“Amazon”) put more emphasis on its Prime membership and speedy shipping options, Abe realized that his old way of fulfilling orders and tracking inventory was no longer efficient enough. “It was a nightmare forecasting replenishment and timing the merchandise to come,” he said. “That’s how we came across RestockPro.”

The inventory management tool makes it easy to know what to order, how much and when through the Restock Suggestions dashboard. Users can make informed reordering decisions while visualizing FBA inventory, focusing on top suppliers, anticipating demand and keeping their whole supply chain in mind. Best of all – you can automate the whole process!

Streamlined Inventory Management

When it comes to inventory, having too much can be just as frustrating as having too little. Abe says that streamlining the management process by using RestockPro’s cloud-based platform has saved him precious time and money.

“It allowed us to arrange our orders with the factories and get the merchandise into Amazon’s warehouse in time and allowed us to not overbuy,” he explained. “Before using RestockPro, a lot of the merchandise was overestimated and we were stuck with a lot of inventory that took a long time to turn over. Once we started using RestockPro that issue was taken care of.”

Is it Really That Simple?

RestockPro’s dashboard allows users to manage their business in a glance by allowing them to monitor sales velocity, expected margins, competitive listings and so much more. It allows you to drive process automation while taking the guesswork out of inventory management.

Sign up for your free 21-day trial today and regain control over your stocking decisions and you’ll quickly discover more minutes in your day. Seeing is believing!

This post spotlights a satisfied user of RestockPro. This article is a part of our series highlighting merchant success stories. As a thank-you for participating in this article, the customer received one free month of RestockPro. If you’re currently using RestockPro and are interested in participating in this program, click here to request information.

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