Sarah and her husband began selling on the Amazon marketplace just two years ago, and now they have a thriving full-time business. As co-owner of the cash-only operation, which relies largely on the FBA program for fulfillment, Sarah recently shared how she uses RestockPro to make better inventory decisions.

How It Began

While pregnant with her first child, Sarah knew she wanted to make some changes. Her husband had begun studying to become a pastor, and she was eager to find a way to stay home with their new baby. Going out on a limb, she started researching the Amazon marketplace and, before long, was visiting thrift shops while searching for items to sell.

Although initially her husband thought she was going overboard, within a few months, he was working with her part-time. A year later, selling on the Amazon marketplace became his full-time gig – he even quit his job! Now, they work together from home as he completes his schooling and have set a goal to switch completely to wholesale in the next year.

Inventory Forecasting

After months of tracking inventory manually, a medical emergency put Sarah in a difficult position. Just five days after their second child was born, the little girl was hospitalized with meningitis. Knowing that their Amazon business was her family’s sole source of income, Sarah found herself poring over spreadsheets in her daughter’s hospital room as she held the infant in her arms. Surely, there had to be a better way.

She noticed people in an online wholesale group talking about RestockPro and decided to take advantage of the risk-free trial to see if it could work for their business. She was amazed by the results. The tool’s cloud-based features allowed her to track inventory and shipments in a fraction of the time, which was a major perk for a mother raising two small children.


When describing her own experience with the inventory management tool, Sarah said, “This has seriously saved me hours every week, this is so worth the money! I love RestockPro and I always tell people that they need to have it. It’s definitely given me freedom and has made a difference in our sales.”

Better Decisions

RestockPro’s powerful dashboard allows sellers to streamline operations and make strategic stocking choices in addition to tracking inventory and forecasting sales. Sarah quickly realized how this could positively affect her business.

With just a quick glance at the data, Sarah can make important decisions about her inventory and then move on with her day. When her business is low on capital, she can quickly look at RestockPro and come up with a plan. “It helps us to make better decisions,” she said.

Get Started Today

RestockPro takes the guesswork out of managing inventory and helps you determine what you need (and when you need it!) while keeping track of FBA purchase orders and so much more. Running a successful Amazon business takes a lot of dedication. Therefore, it just makes sense to work smarter instead of harder.

If you’re tired of the spreadsheet madness and are ready to elevate operations to the next level, take advantage of our 21-day risk-free trial. Like Sarah, you’ll be amazed by how much time you will save and how much easier it will be to make informed decisions for your business.

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