Many sellers on the Amazon marketplace rely on the FBA program to manage part or all of their order fulfillment needs. After all, it’s a convenient, speedy and reliable way to ensure that customers receive their orders in a timely fashion. However, it’s important to account for all costs (including FBA fees) to ensure accurate margin data.

RestockPro recently added an automated Amazon storage fee calculation to its Restock Suggestions page. Learn how this feature can help you enhance your bottom line performance on FBA inventory.

A Brief Guide to FBA Storage Fees, Inc. (“Amazon”) varies its FBA storage fees according to time of year, estimated volume and item size (standard or oversize). In order to calculate unit dimensions to determine estimated volume, a unit must be packaged and ready to ship according to the FBA program’s policies. Only then can it be measured by length, width and height.

Amazon charges an additional fee if units are not packaged as outlined by the FBA program policies. Calculating these fees manually requires careful math, since there are a number of variables to include; a small mistake could add up to major costs for an FBA seller.

FBA storage fee data is automatically calculated and accessible within the Estimated Margin calculator of the Restock Suggestions grid. Up-to-date data is synced from Amazon several times per day to include FBA fees, commissions, monthly storage fees and variable closing fees.


Make Smarter Restocking Decisions

RestockPro’s automated FBA storage fee calculation saves sellers time and helps provide the total picture for making restocking decisions. The accurate FBA fee calculations quickly provide merchants with the knowledge they need to have a more accurate, estimated margin associated with a product.

Start Your Automatic Storage Fee Calculations

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