Based out of Portland, Oregon, CravenSpeed got started by creating specialty parts for Mini Coopers. The auto parts company has since expanded to include items for a wide variety of vehicles. As the business grew, it was clear that they would need to find a way to be more efficient. Lauren, who manages shipments and Amazon inventory for the company, recently shared how she uses RestockPro to manage inventory.

Starting Out in eCommerce

In its earliest days, CravenSpeed was housed in a smaller building and didn’t see much traffic. They knew they would have to try something new to attract potential buyers. In an effort to “get the word out,” they turned to As a result, their business has expanded substantially.

Today, while they maintain a brick-and-mortar location in Portland and have their goods manufactured locally, the aftermarket auto parts company does the majority of their business through eCommerce using the FBA program to fulfill most of their orders.

Saving Time and Money

When it comes to managing inventory, RestockPro can save Amazon business owners countless hours. CravenSpeed uses Restock Suggestions to identify inventory patterns and predict sales.

“RestockPro is extremely helpful in figuring out how many [units] to send without having to figure it out all by yourself,” Lauren said. “You just upload a CSV of your inventory and it will tell you, based on past sales, what you want to be sending to make sure you don’t run out of product.”

Easier Shipments

Knowing which products to stock is one thing. Getting them to the customer on time is another. Lauren explained that RestockPro has also been helpful in this area as the tool is used to create most of CravenSpeed’s shipments.

“For our warehouse, the pick lists and how you can customize the pick lists is extremely helpful and the labels are really easy to customize,” said Lauren.

Can It Work for You?

Overall, Lauren said RestockPro “saves me a lot of time having to figure out how many units to send to each listing. We’re less likely to run out and having stock there means that you aren’t going to lose money or sales.”

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