Elizabeth was working as a CPA at an accounting firm when she decided to explore ways of earning a secondary income. After tax season was over, she was able to devote time to building her Amazon business in her spare time. Today she uses RestockPro to simplify the inventory forecasting process. Recently, she shared her strategies for managing her inventory efficiently.

Accurate Accounting

Her journey as an Amazon seller started as a part-time venture but, after about two years of selling online, Elizabeth retired from her CPA duties to manage her Amazon business full-time. Having worked as an accountant, she understands the importance of accurate accounting and the financial consequences of running out of stock.

With a focus on gift items as well as home and garden goods, Elizabeth is a hands-on seller. “I receive everything here at the office, then repackage and sort and send it into the Amazon warehouse,” she said. She uses this crossdock model so that she can personally check item quality prior to shipping items to be fulfilled through the FBA program.

Increased Sales

After learning about RestockPro through Charlene Anderson’s podcast, Elizabeth signed up for a free trial. She attributes her increased sales to RestockPro, “because we’re out of stock fewer times; we’re able to stay in stock.”

Additionally, Elizabeth finds the automation tool “very helpful” overall and really values the ability to use RestockPro for reordering and for restocking suggestions. “I use the local inventory feature because sometimes I do take a larger shipment, like when I buy a case and I don’t really need to send the whole case in,” she said. Many sellers order more than they need to ship to minimize orders or take advantage of bulk purchasing incentives, and RestockPro helps ensure you use up that inventory before buying more. Being able to quickly see what’s in local inventory, what’s in transit and what’s at the fulfillment center helps her manage her business more effectively. She also uses the estimated margin feature prior to placing an order to ensure that she’s making the best decisions for her business.

A Real Time Saver

When asked how RestockPro has helped her the most, Elizabeth said it gives her more time. “Rather than scour through Seller Central to see what’s selling and what I’m out of, several times a week I go to suppliers with reorder quantities and check that out. It saves a whole lot of my time,” she said. This summary by supplier is available right inside Restock Suggestions, so this allows her to put her energy into other aspects of running her eCommerce business.

Try RestockPro

How can RestockPro boost your business? A valuable resource for FBA sellers, you’ll be able to use the tool to forecast sales, manage purchase orders, track profits, review competitive listings, estimate margins and so much more with ease through one single cloud-based platform.

Try our 21-day free trial today. Control all of your inventory management from one dashboard and unlock the power to do more in less time.

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