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Streamline your restocking – create POs and inbound shipments with a touch of a button.

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One dashboard for all inventory data; actionable decision support; automation tools that save time. Welcome to RestockPro, the easy-to-use cloud-based platform that streamlines your FBA business and helps you grow profits.

How it works

First, RestockPro captures your FBA data and transforms it into inventory intelligence, enabling you to monitor sales velocity, competitive listings, expected margins and more. Then it becomes your in-house supply-chain counsel, making recommendations and sending out alerts on when and how much to reorder. Once you’ve finalized your decisions, RestockPro can drive process automation. It creates POs for your suppliers and inbound shipments to Amazon, captures and organizes shipment plans, and provides visibility into Amazon FBA inbound shipment receiving.


Manage Your Inventory

Track critical indicators from one dashboard.

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Make Informed Decisions

Better decisions lead to higher profits.

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Automate Routine Tasks

Save time and streamline restocking.

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RestockPro Blog

Are You Spreadsheet Sam?

Are You Spreadsheet Sam?

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service allows merchants like you to scale faster and more efficiently than ever before. While the benefits are obvious, there are still aspects of your business that could be more streamlined. Researching and restocking products,...
How to Instantly Determine SKU Profitability

How to Instantly Determine SKU Profitability

There’s no question that the Amazon marketplace helps merchants to generate sales volume. But as a Fulfillment by Amazon seller, how can you judge the profits you have made from that volume? To properly answer this question, you need to have SKU-level visibility. It’s...
Meet Your New Night Shift Manager

Meet Your New Night Shift Manager

Mega corporations have people working around the clock to ensure maximum output and efficiency. Your business, while growing, is not a mega corporation (at least not yet). With that said, you could benefit from a 24/7 approach to your operations. Unfortunately, you’re...

Inventory Your Needs

Could you use help with any of the following tasks?

Ways that RestockPro can help you

blueCheck.pngKeeping track of profit margins
blueCheck.pngDeciding how much to reorder
blueCheck.pngMonitoring competitive listings
blueCheck.pngCreating inbound shipments
blueCheck.pngReducing spreadsheet clutter
blueCheck.pngEvaluating sales and inventory
blueCheck.pngIdentifying shipping discrepancies

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“RestockPro is arguably our most important tool today. RestockPro allows us to accurately predict what to order from each supplier and how much. It saves time and prevents stagnant inventory.”

Andrew Tjernlund

“RestockPro helped us gauge our reorders. The problem was that we would see spike and drop, and we’d run out of products. Now, we’re keeping our products in stock better.”

Dan Meadors

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